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Why Cuss Words Make Domain Names Better and More Awesome

Why Cuss Words Make Domain Names Better and More Awesome

August 17, 2010  |  Why My Domain Name is Awesome  |  2 Comments

I’ve already established that my domain name is better because it’s longer. Longer is better. But it also has some cuss words which makes it extra good.

Don’t believe me? Look closely. Notice the words “fucking” and “god damn”? Well those are like totally bad-ass words. God damn not so much, but fucking most definitely. You wouldn’t say “pass the fucking potatoes” at Thanksgiving. No way Jose!

Cuss words show that I’m edgy. I’m an edgy guy, so my having cuss words was a must. And I got two of them, which is100% better than one, and 200% better than none. Or maybe a 1000% better. Could be infinity percent better. I’m not so sure on the last calculation, so don’t quote me. But for sure two cuss words is waaay better than zero, which is what most domain names have, and that’s why mine is exponentially better.

Just think how much better most domain names could be with some cuss words. is way cooler than just which is like a totally lame sciency word.

FaceBook would be so much more awesome if it were Not Fuck (pause) FaceBook, but FuckFace (pause) Book. The first version is insulting to the name of the company which is unacceptable. You should only be praising your company. Never be criticizing. Self criticism is a sign of namby-pambyism. The second one is awesome though because it’s insulting to the user which it always acceptable. Fuck users!

Why is MySpace loosing popularity? I believe it’s because it’s not called MyFuckingSpace. Now that’s a name with some authority! Hey dude, check me out on MyFUCKINGSpace!

Just think how much more awesome the internet would be with some attitude!

  • Microfuckingsoft – Formerly the lame Microsoft. I mean, come on now! Using both soft and micro in the same name. How loosery! Might as well throw pussy in their as well!
  • YahooBitch! – No need to explain why this version rocks!
  • CraigsMotherFuckingList – Way better than the wimpy version. Yo, you down with CraigsMotherFuckingList or what? Yeah, just post that dinette set on CraigsMotherFuckingList and sell that shit today mo-fo! See, something like that. You could probably use a lot of hand gestures too, like on the words dinette and sell, just to put a little bit more emphasis on the important parts.

If these companies had the balls and foresight to include some profanity in their names they would be assured dominance in the marketplace because cuss word are fucking bad-ass and putting them in your name is a sure sign of your bad-ass-ness. And people love bad-asses and look up to them.

So get a domain with some cuss words and tell world Don’t Fuck With Us Because We’re Bad-ass!®

Oh yeah!

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My Domain Name Kicks Ass

August 3, 2010  |  Why My Domain Name is Awesome  |  No Comments

Why? Because it’s longer than yours (most likely) and the longest allowed by law (sixty-three glorious characters). And that makes it better. Longer is better. A domain name that was only sixty-two characters would also be good, but not as good as mine. Like one less good. And that’s makes mine one more better.