Best Numbers to Choose for Your Top Whatever Lists

You can’t just use any number for your top whatever list. Your readers are counting on you to pick a reasonable number that makes sense. Below are the only possible choices allowed for your top list and why only three of them really matter.

Top 1

Never us us this, it makes no fucking sense.

Top 2

Don’t use this either. Two items is a pair, not a list. You need at least three for a list.

Top 3

Good choice, the first number you can authentically call a list and you won’t have to write so much.

Top 4

Retarded. Never, ever use this.

Top 5

Decent. It’s half of ten and we have five fingers on each hand. So five feels right.

Top 6

Dumb. Like we’re supposed to believe that everything on your list is so fucking important that you couldn’t possibly drop one to make it an even five?

Top 7


Top 8

Not as bad as seven

Top 9

Weak. Total cop out. If you can think of nine, you can think of one more and make it an even ten.

Top 10

Best ever but kind of hard to fill. The Holy Grail of lists makers. Really impressive if done right.


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  2. I love 5 because it is my lucky number…Anyway, thanks for the post here!!

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